Antique Watch Repairing & Adjusting por Emile Borer,John J. Bowman

April 6, 2020

Antique Watch Repairing & Adjusting por Emile Borer,John J. Bowman
Titulo del libro : Antique Watch Repairing & Adjusting
Autor : Emile Borer,John J. Bowman

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Emile Borer,John J. Bowman con Antique Watch Repairing & Adjusting

Antique Watch Repairing & Adjusting with 160+ Images.Good and bad watchmakers are separated by their ability. But exactly what is to be understood as ability in a watchmaker? We should say that this is a combination of knowledge and skill; and the watchmaker who possesses in well balanced proportion the most of both of these, will have the highest ability,Knowledge is mental—something stored in the mind; skill is largely physical—effectiveness in using the hands. These things are different; yet they must interlock and work together to result in good ability. The books written to be studied by watchmakers may be classified as: (1) books that deal mostly with knowledge of timepiece mechanisms, and (2) books meant principally to instruct how to use watchmakers’ tools with skill. A survey of the books now on the market reveals that most of these are of the class that deals with knowledge of the mechanism of watches; with such things as designing movements, and detecting and correcting faults in trains and escapements; hairspring manipulations; replacement of ready-made parts; cleaning and oiling; position and temperature adjustments, and so on. The topics covered in this book can be understood by it's table of contents which are:Part I: Watch Repair & AdjustingDiagramsChapter 1: Barrel & MainspringChapter 2: Gearing ~ The TrainChapter 3: The Lever EscapementChapter 4: Waterproof WatchesChapter 5: Friction Tight JewelsChapter 6: MagnetismChapter 7: General Regulation & OilingChapter 8: The Importance of OilingChapter 9: More about Balance SpringsChapter 10: Curb PinsChapter 11: Dial, Train, Stem Work, & Keyless WindingPart II: Tools of the Watchmaker & their ApplicationChapter 12: Skillful Filing – The Basis of Mechanical AbilityChapter 13: The Efficient Use of SawsChapter 14: Lathe WorkChapter 15: Drills & Expert DrillingChapter 16: Screw Thread Cutting & TappingChapter 17: Steel & it’s Heat TreatmentChapter 18: Finishing Flat Steel