Mouse Trap (English Edition) por Isabeau

January 26, 2020

Mouse Trap (English Edition) por Isabeau
Titulo del libro : Mouse Trap (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : January 5, 2005
Autor : Isabeau
Número de páginas : 364
Editor : Xlibris US

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Isabeau con Mouse Trap (English Edition)

Mouse Trap by Isabeau

In the big bad world of cyberspace, those we little know have found a secret home. They are wallflowers and wolves, certifiable and sane, emerging suddenly from the hidden places. Expectations are high; the dangers immeasurable and chat rooms bring them together with the click of a mouse. Mousetrap will make you think twice before logging on again.

Stacey suddenly found herself flat on her back; wrists and ankles tied to stakes. A moment later, she could see the pole come smashing down; the ancient symbols rushing at her, she recognized them all at once, and shrieked her last; Staceys head snapped off at the neck.