Colonialism: A Theoretical Overview por Jurgen Osterhammel

November 13, 2019

Colonialism: A Theoretical Overview por Jurgen Osterhammel
Titulo del libro : Colonialism: A Theoretical Overview
Autor : Jurgen Osterhammel

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Jurgen Osterhammel con Colonialism: A Theoretical Overview

Críticas A conviction of imperial cultural superiority gave modern colonialism an aggressive turn. The result was ethnic and social stratification in the colonial society, even when colonists took over the pre-colonial administration and society as the British did in India. - Midwest Book Review Reseña del editor “Osterhammel (History, U. of Constance) argues that the global mercantile expansion of the European powers of the sixteenth through the eighteenth centuries bears a marked resemblance to the political imperialism of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Further, although there are some differences in scope and timing, the colonizers had similar aims and experiences. Instead, Osterhammel finds more significant the intentions and goals of the individual colonies, which he groups into those that were exploited for raw materials, land and labor, those that served for settlement, and those that served as military installations. He finds each type has distinctive features, such as ethno-cultural demarcation, and clear differences in economic management and administration, which lead to very different outcomes as colonies gained independence. Osterhammel provides a new bibliography for this edition.” ―Book News